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I am not accepting transcription work at the present time.
My sincerest apologies.


Combining digital transcription technology with traditional personalized service, I produce high quality transcripts at a fair and competitive price. Confidentiality is guaranteed and you will be pleased with my quick turnaround time and professional service.


Audio Formats

I transcribe a variety of audio formats including, but not limited to, wav, wma, dss, aiff, mp3 and mp4.

File Transfer

Send me your audio files via SendThisFile transfer service. It is quick, secure and simple to use at no cost to you. Large files up to 100MB can be sent. In addition, all uploads and downloads transferred to and from me through this service are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Special Requests

I will accommodate special formatting you may require such as true or clean verbatim transcription, time-coded transcripts and/or particular templates.

In addition to the security measures noted in File Transfer, I am very willing to sign your Confidentiality Agreement for the protection of sensitive material.

Completed Transcripts

I will deliver your completed transcripts in Word format via e-mail or SendThisFile transfer service - your choice. CD and/or hard copies are available at an additional charge.

Cost to You

My pricing is based on per-audio-hour with a 15-minute minimum charge. Typically, a 1-hour audiotape (a digitally recorded one-to-one person interview with good sound quality) will take me approximately 3 to 4 hours to transcribe and proof at a competitive rate of $25 per hour. Because this estimate depends on variables such as audio content, sound quality, number of speakers and turnaround time required, etc., it is best to contact me directly so that we can discuss your particular needs and I can give you a personal quote.

An invoice for services rendered will be provided at the completion of each transcription job. Payment is due upon receipt with a 7-day grace period. First-time users may be required to pay prior to delivery of completed transcripts. Payment particulars should be discussed with me directly and ahead of time.

For evaluation purposes, I am happy to provide first-time clients with a transcript of a 10-minute portion of audio clip free of charge.

Why Use Transcriptions by Tara?

Because: I am committed to customer satisfaction, I produce precise and professional transcripts, I deliver material at agreed upon schedules, I have a proven track record and I provide services at fair and competitive prices.


"Tara transcribed a variety of technically challenging interviews for our project and always did so in an efficient and extremely professional manner. She was clear about what she would be able to do and completed interviews when she said she would. In addition, she was always pleasant to work with and her web based uploading system transferred the files confidentially and was effortless to use".
 - Christina Holmes, PhD, Research Associate, Dalhousie University, Adjunct Professor, St. Francis Xavier University
"Tara has saved me time, money and energy by transcribing my research interviews over the last five years! I can trust Tara to be thorough, accurate and confidential. In addition, she is efficient and returns the transcripts back to me quickly. I highly recommend Tara!"
 - Dr. Natalee Popadiuk, R. Psych., Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology Program, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria
"I highly recommend Tara's transcription services. She was professional and her rates are very reasonable. The transcripts were high quality and completed quickly. I will definitely use Tara's services again."
 - Dr. J. Robinson, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Glendon College, York University
"I and members of my research team have been absolutely impressed with the quality of Tara's work and the quick turn-around time. We think she should raise her prices!"
 - Dr. Cheryl Amundsen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University.
"Tara's services are impressive: she is fast, efficient and reliable. The quick turn-around time and the quality of the transcriptions have made research work move fast and helped keep focus on the data instead of the preparation of data."
 - Marian Jazvac-Martek, PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology, McGill University
"I am delighted that Tara Neufeld has decided to share her expertise as a transcriber with others. She transcribed over 50 hours of research interviews for my doctoral thesis. Her work is accurate, dependable and prompt. I highly recommend Tara."
 - Kanwal Neel, PhD Candidate, Mathematics Education, Simon Fraser University
"I would highly recommend Tara's transcription services. She is fast, friendly and efficient and her rates are great. She delivered what she promised, within the time she promised."
 - Gabriela Pechlaner, PhD Candidate, Sociology, Simon Fraser University

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